Benefits of Using Sports Tape

What is Sports Tape?

Sports tape, commonly known as athletic tape, is an adhesive used by sportsmen and athletes around the world. The tape is used for added support and protection by professional athletes while they are performing or partaking in a sporting activity. In addition, it is also used by college and high school students who proactively participate in sports.

Athletic tape was invented in the 1970’s by a Japanese chiropractor. Since then, they have gained immense popularity. Extensively used, the tape has now become a regular accessory and a part of the sports gear for athletes and sportsmen alike.

Benefits of Using Sports Tape

The use of sports tape provides several benefits when playing sports or carrying out extensive physical activities:

  • Primary function of the tape is to provide added support to muscles, joints and ligaments. The reason athletes use it so often is because it protects the muscles by reducing the amount of impact athletes and sportsmen have to endure when they are playing.
  • Another use of sports tape is healing the muscles and joints quicker and faster as opposed to leaving them untreated or letting them heal on their own. Athletes often get cramps, soreness, pain in the muscles, hamstring and tendon injuries etc. The use of athletic tape helps professional athletes in healing their joints and muscles faster so they can get back to their peak physical fitness. Since the tape is laced with an acrylic adhesive, it helps relax the muscles and facilitates them with making rehabilitation faster and quicker.
  • The tape is basically a cotton strip though it also contains elastic properties. The tape, when worn properly, stretches along with the joints and muscles to provide complete freedom of movement for the athlete, as well as flexibility for running/tackling etc.
  • The tape helps enhance blood circulation in the body and prevents the joints and muscles from swelling. The adhesive and the elastic properties of the tape help take pressure off the pain receptors.
  • In addition to providing protection for the joints and muscles, preventing injuries and scratches, and providing added support to the body, sports tape also provide a psychological benefit to the athlete. With the tape properly applied to the body, athletes can focus on playing their game when on the field or in training, and not concern about getting severely injured or incurring damage to the muscles. Athletes also feel secure that since the sports strapping tape moves along with the body providing freedom of motion, it will not hinder their performance in anyway.